Friday, February 17, 2012

Weekly Savings + Success Stories

It was a way under budget shopping week for me! I spent $33 at Aldi, filling the fridge with produce. 

I also hit up Harris Teeter Super Doubles, spending under $2 on over $50 worth of groceries on my first trip. Gotta love those pharmacy credits, which paid for most of the Harris Teeter bill! I was able to snag some inexpensive, healthy snacks, like almonds and trail mix, and I scored packages of tofu for just $0.19 each! What a great find, especially now that baby is such a big fan! 

On my second trip to Harris Teeter,  I spent $6.10 on $35 worth of goods, an 83% savings. scoring inexpensive toilet paper, ice cream, and cereal.

If you're interested, you can check out my Harris Teeter coupon matchups here. The Super Doubles sale runs through next Tuesday evening, 2/21.

 $33 at Aldi on Produce and Weekly Pantry Items

Harris Teeter Super Doubles - Under $2 for $50 worth of groceries, using coupons and $20 Rx credit

Second Super Doubles Trip - spent $6.10, saved $29.64, 83% savings
Free Frank's Red Hot, Dawn, and cereal for ~$0.50/box

How did your shopping trips go this week? 

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  2. Man you are a power shopper. I miss Aldi's --they don't have them here.

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  3. Hi, I love to save too! In the seventies you could go to town and actually make money. They as you know don't let you make money these days but saving is wonderful. I am gonna have fun with your blog posts..
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  4. You're right, Dolly, I've never actually MADE money, but I sure do love saving it! I'll be stopping by Hibiscus House soon!