Thursday, February 16, 2012

Aldi Deals - 2/15 Sale Week

As I told you in previous post, Aldi can be a great place to shop for produce at low prices. While their selection is limited, prices are consistently low, and if you shop around weekly specials, you'll be able to save a significant amount.

In the past few weeks, shopping weekly deals, I've been able to buy, among other things, avocados for $0.49 a piece, bell peppers for $0.60 a piece, and blueberries for just $1.49 a pint. I was happy to buy at such low prices and add produce to my freezer for later use.

While these particular deals have passed, new ones have taken their place. If you're looking to add fruit to the fridge, this might be a good week to consider shopping Aldi.

The prices you see below are valid at the Durham, North Carolina store. Keep in mind that sales and prices will vary regionally. When comparing prices to other Durham area grocery stores, the Aldi prices on these produce items are significantly lower than the competition.


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