Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Coupon Comeback

Last night, I received an e-mail from an outreach employee from She shared a very interesting graphic about coupon use, that I thought I'd pass along.

Did you know that consumers take advantage about 0.6% of available coupon savings, or that Raleigh is the 10th "most frugal" city in the country??

Check it out and share you thoughts in the comments. Did anything surprise you? What did you find most interesting?



  1. Very interesting. I know a lot of people feel overwhelmed but once you get started, it's so addicting. I once read a survey that 90% of couponers said they would still use coupons even if they won the lottery. With all of the savings and how easy various websites make it these days, it would be hard to stop. Also, awesome that Raleigh is the 10th most frugal city!

  2. We're expecting an increase in income in the coming years, as my husband finishes up his schooling, and I sure can't envision giving coupons up when that happens!