Tuesday, February 7, 2012

So Long, Blockbuster

When I first started this blog, I was frequently posting free Blockbuster Express rental codes. I remember questioning the sustainability of Blockbuster's business, given that it was SO easy to access their product for free.

This is what I wrote in my first Blockbuster post:

"It may not be as pretty or easy to use as a Redbox, but when Blockbuster Express movies are free, I can set aesthetics aside. It seems like Blockbuster is putting out codes for free $1 movies left and right. Could it have something to do with their struggling business?? Whatever the reason, I say, "Thank you!""

Then later in September:

"Honestly, I'm having a little trouble figuring out how Blockbuster is making any money with all of the free rental codes they put out. Just today, I received another one by e-mail. It was a message telling me that I deserved a free rental. Really? Do they not have a system that sees that all of my recent rentals have been free?? Anyway, I'll gratefully, if confusedly, take it."

Well, unfortunately for Blockbuster Express, I was right to question.
In an e-mail message to account holders, which I received this evening, it was explained that Blockbuster Express has sold out to Redbox and will discontinue business within the next few months.

So prepare to say, "goodbye," to those awkward blue boxes. I guess you'll just have to settle for paying $1.00 a night at Redbox instead of $3.00 a night at Blockbuster Express... ;)


  1. Alternatively, for DISH subscribers like me, rent as many DVDs, Blu-rays, and video games for the family including streaming from Blockbuster @Home. I tried a free 3-month trial of it after a co-worker at DISH promised that I would get more than renting from any kiosk. We started with one disc out at a time and it seems to be a pretty good deal for the whole family because as soon as we’re done with it we send it back and another comes only a couple of days later. With how often we watch movies and new releases, this is more cost effective for us even now that the trial is over and we’re only paying $10 a month for Blockbuster @Home.

  2. We used to get DVDs by mail through Netflix. We weren't using it enough to make it cost effective for us, though. I definitely agree that if you watch enough movies, a mail delivery program is a great way to go! I'm usually able to find free Redbox or Blockbuster Express codes for when we do want to rent something.