Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Aldi Deals - week of 2/8

I previewed the Aldi and Harris Teeter sale ads, which begin today (at least in Durham), and I wanted to share with you some produce price comparisons. It's pretty crazy to see how much less you would spend at Aldi, even though the items are "on sale" at both stores.

Below you'll see a few screenshots of Harris Teeter deals, which were sent in my weekly e-vic e-mail. Below the deals, I've included this week's Aldi price for a comparable item. Keep in mind, prices will vary a bit in different regions.

Aldi has some pretty great prices this week on items that could be purchased and then frozen for later use, like bell peppers and berries. You can view the rest of the Aldi ad here.

                     HT: $4.99/pint                                    HT: $3.50 each
                     Aldi: $1.49/pint                                   Aldi: Artisan Lettuce $1.19 each

                           HT: $1.99/lb                                       HT: $2.50 each
                           Aldi: $0.99 for 24 oz                          Aldi: 3 pack $1.89, $0.63 each

                                                    HT: BOGO $2.49 each
                                                    Aldi: $1.39 each

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