Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Little Pintereality - Broiled Grapefruit Style

I found the idea for broiled caramelized grapefruit on For the Love of Cooking, but later in the same day, it also popped up on Pinterest, so we'll be filing this post under "Pintereality."

The idea seemed simple. It seemed pretty delicious.

Grape fruit. Sugar. Broil. Eat.

Simple, yes. Delicious, ehh. 

I set out preheating the oven to broil, cut the grapefruit, and added a bit of sugar. The grapefruit was put under the broiler for 3-4 caramelizing going on. I left it for a minute or two longer. Browning edges, no caramelizing. 

I decided I was sick of waiting. Baby napping. Clock ticking. It was time to eat. 

The grapefruit was warm, which I expected, but honestly, I now know that I prefer it cold. Broiling it also caused the fruit to stick to the skin. It was incredibly hard to remove with a spoon.

So while in the world of Pinterest, this seemed like a tasty, new breakfast treat, in the reality of my kitchen, not so much.


  1. I was intrigued by this as well. Thanks for the test kitchen report, but sorry it didn't turn out.

  2. Who knows, it might have worked out if I had put on more sugar or let it broil a little longer. I don't think I would have liked it any sweeter, though. Oh well. :)