Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Harris Teeter and Kroger Savings

This week's shopping trip was a big success, thanks to a few great store promos and a $20 Harris Teeter credit, thanks to a prescription transfer deal that's available until the beginning of April.

Between Harris Teeter and Kroger, I spent just $31 for the items pictured, worth ~ $125 (sorry, the hubs threw away my receipts), a savings of about 75%.

Harris Teeter was a running a promotion (ended Tuesday, sorry) where you received an instant $5 savings when you bought $15 worth of Unilever food products. There were some great Unilever coupons in Sunday's paper, and there were also many e-vic coupons to stack. After the $5 savings, I actually MADE money buying the Unilever products.

In working this deal, though, I purchased a few items we definitely won't eat, like the Lipton Soup, Knorr Sides, and likely the Ragu, but these items, being freebies and non-perishables, seemed like perfect food bank donations!

Harris Teeter Unilever Deal:

2 I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Tubs - BOGO $1.79 each x 2 = $3.58
- two $0.60/1 coupons x 2 (doubled) (1/29 insert)
- $0.60 e-vic coupon
= $0.58 for two

2 Knorr Sides - $1.00 each x 2 = $2.00
- $0.50/2 coupon x 2 (1/29 insert)
-$0.50/2 e-vic coupon
= $0.50 for two

2 Wishbone Salad Dressings - $2.00 each x 2 = $4.00
- two $0.70/1 coupons x 2 (1/29 insert)
- $1.00/2 e-vic coupon
= $0.20 for two

2 Lipton Tea Bags - $1.35 x 2 = $2.70
- two $0.40/1 coupons x 2 
- $0.40 e-vic coupon
= $0.70 for two

2 Lipton Soups - $1.79 each x 2 = $3.58
-  two $0.50/1 coupons x 2 (1/29 insert)
- $0.75 e-vic coupon
= $0.78 for two

3 Ragu Pasta Sauces - $1.39 each x 3 = $4.17
- $1.25/3 coupon (1/29 insert)
- $1.00 e-vic coupon
= $1.92

- $5.00 instant savings = - $0.38 A MONEY MAKER!

I also shopped the Kroger Mega Event, where you receive an instant $5 savings when you purchase any ten participating items. I bought six cans of Hunt's tomatoes, using three $0.40/2 printable coupons, making them just $0.19 per can after coupon and instant savings. I also bought two bottles of Chi Chi's Salsa, (never had it before, really disliked it - second bottle will go in the donation bag), one pack of Chi Chi's Tortillas, and one Kraft Easy Mac (why can't I give up the Mac 'n Cheese???). I spent about $3.00 for all ten items.

Overall, not too bad. :)

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