Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Aldi Deals - Week of 2/22 + My Aldi Trip

If I haven't made my opinions about Aldi clear over the past few weeks, let me share again...

They are the ones to beat when it comes to produce prices, and if you have one close to home and have time for more than one grocery store stop, start including an Aldi stop in your weekly routine. If buying produce, especially sale items, you WILL save money.

The produce pictured was purchased on Tuesday, the final day of the sale week (at least in Durham). I spent less than $10, and that includes a "splurge" of $1.99 for a bag of dried apricots. I feel like I've been struggling with getting enough fruits and veggies lately, and I remembered from my time being preggo, that just 6 of those dried little pieces of sweetness = one serving of fruit.

I bought:
2 lbs of red grapes = $1.78, $0.89/lb
1 pack of lettuce = $0.99 - Much less than similar products at other chains. 
1 bag of 6 grapefruits = $1.19 - One grapefruit, not one bag, costs $0.99 at Harris Teeter.
1 bag of 12 oranges = $1.39 - One orange is $0.89 at HT. I could buy one for the cost the Aldi bag.
1 mango = $0.99 - These are $1.00 at Kroger this week. Not much difference.
1 pack baby bella mushrooms = $1.29 - It appears these are down to $0.69 starting today.
1 bag of dried apricots = $1.99 - Can't say that I've price compared dried apricots. I know they're less than what I used to spend at Trader Joe's.

Now onto this week's produce steals (keep in mind, your local store ad might have started on Monday). When looking at the produce deals, consider meal planning around them. This week's deals would fit well into an Italian dinner (whip up a pasta sauce, throw together a big salad) or a Mexican meal (veggie fajitas, perhaps). Keep your out of pocket expense low by making meals that include on sale ingredients.

Aldi Produce Deals 2/22 - 2/27

Roma Tomatoes $.079/pack (20 oz)
Baby Bella Mushrooms $0.69/pack
Red Onions - 2 lb bag $0.69, $0.35/lb
Romaine Hearts $0.99/pack
Tomatoes on the Vine, 16 oz, $0.99/pack
Green Peppers $0.99/pack


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  1. I have been too! The produce prices are so inexpensive!