Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Why I Blog

OK, so I've only been keeping a blog for about five days now, so I don't really know if I qualify as a "blogger" yet, but for the sake of this post, let's say I do.

Why did I want to become a blogger? Do I really have enough money saving wisdom, that the world will be a better place by me sharing my knowledge, via the inter web? Completely unlikely.

Then why do I keep a blog?

Honest answer, I MISS teaching writing. Some days, I just miss teaching in general, but I REALLY miss teaching writing. Over the past three years, teaching at Morris Grove, I have come to love this subject more than any other.

I miss showing students how to play with language, teaching them that although our language does have rules, an author has limitless freedom. Freedom to create a style that expresses their unique voice as an author. It's perfectly acceptable to change the STYLE of your text - to play with punctuation - to begin sentences in unconventional ways. You're the author. You have that freedom.

I miss modeling my own writing and sharing personal stories with the kids. I miss hearing theirs. I miss showing them how to hook a reader, using an interesting and unexpected beginning. I miss sitting in my purple teacher chair with a stack of favorite books, excitedly flipping pages to share a section where the author's language paints such a vivid picture, that the words come to life inside your mind. I miss seeing the excitement of the kids as they use the techniques learned from our favorite authors.

Gosh, I miss teaching writing. That's why I blog.


  1. Allison, you make me proud!!! It's my favorite subject too and is the thing I will miss MOST when I retire. Keep blogging I love it