Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Update: Money Maker - Plum District

Update: From what people have been telling me, the $10 credit mentioned below is no longer working. The 30% off promo code is still working, and by following my links, you should still be able to get a $5 credit, making the deal $16 instead of $11. If you are interested in purchasing the deal and the $5 does not credit, let me know, and I will work to get you a working link. 

Plum District is a daily deal site, like Groupon and Living Social. Today's deal is $60 at ecomom.com for $30. Ecomom is a site that sells eco-friendly baby and kid gear, including toys, clothing, diapers, etc. Right now, they are offering free shipping on all orders.

$60 for $30 is a decent deal, but it gets better!

New Plum District members receive a $10 credit (you'll see it when you click to purchase the deal), which brings your total to $60 for $20.

BUT, the deal keeps getting better! Use the code PLUMLOVE and receive 30% off, which brings your grand total to...$60 at ecomom for $11!!

*Just a heads up - you will need to use the entire value of the voucher in one visit - it won't deduct and keep a balance!

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