Monday, September 19, 2011

HT Challenge x2

I like saving money, don't get me wrong, but I think the biggest reason I enjoy couponing as much as I do, is the mental challenge it presents. I love planning out deal scenarios, calculating prices and figuring out combinations to lower my out of pocket total. Staying home with Nolan and not working, it's a way to keep my brain working. 

After visiting Harris Teeter over the weekend, I had a second challenge in mind. Here's how I managed to get all of the things pictured for just $0.31. 

I knew that I could get the Kashi entree and Peak Tea free using triple coupons. *See this previous post for printable coupons. I also noticed that there was an e-vic coupon (link to store card through HT website) for $3 off one Febreze warmer. I also had a $3 paper coupon for the same item. The warmer was on sale for $3.49. This would mean that Harris Teeter would PAY ME $2.51 to buy it! I would have that money to use toward other items. (This works on any item you have an e-vic and paper coupon for, where the total coupon value is greater than the item price!)

You could use this extra money toward anything you want to buy, but I had a few ideas in mind that would use more triple coupons.

With my $2.51 overage I bought:

1 carton Egglands Best Eggs - on sale for $2.50
- $0.35 Q x 3 = $1.45

1 Fiber One Brownies - on sale for $2.50
- $0.75 Q x 3 = $0.25

2 cans Harris Teeter Tomato Sauce - $0.37 each (needed for a dinner recipe)
$0.37 x 2 = $0.74

Total = $2.44 

This left me with $0.07 overage, which was applied to my sales tax, leaving me to pay $0.31 in tax. Not bad for $20 worth of products. 

Challenge = met!

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