Monday, September 12, 2011

CVS, Work Your Magic!

In my last post, I gave you the basics about getting a CVS card and looking for and using Extra Bucks. Something I waited to tell you, and one of the most fun parts of a CVS shopping trip, is the "Magic Coupon Machine." When you walk into a CVS store, look near the entrance or cash register for a machine like the one below.

Scan your CVS card, and the fun begins! After some anticipation, the machine will pop out a chain of mystery coupons. Some will be low value coupons for money off specific products, but most weeks, you'll find some much better surprises! Most weeks, you'll find coupons for FREE products. Over the past few weeks, I've gotten coupons for free candy bars, band aids, panty liners, and crackers. Sometimes, if I'm passing by CVS, Nolan and I will walk in, scan my card, pick up a free item, and be on our way, happy to have scored a freebie with almost no effort.

On days when you're really lucky, the Magic Machine might spit out a coupon for a certain dollar amount off your purchase, like $4 off $20 or $5 off $25. This $20 or $25 total is BEFORE your coupons.  Let's say that you add up the price of your items and it totals $21. You're over $20, so you can then use your $4 off coupon. Now you can also add any coupons or extra bucks you have earned. This can equal great savings!

*Tip - You DO need to pay sales tax on free items. I keep loose change to use for things like this. I do not count change as money coming out of our budget, as we've already deducted the initial cash withdrawal. So...any purchases I can make by only using pocket change, will not be added into our monthly spending. You'll be amazed at how much shopping you'll be able to do at CVS by only using coins that might have otherwise sat unused in your car or a change jar!

Reader Response: Have you used the CVS Magic Machine? What is the best coupon you have received?

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