Sunday, September 11, 2011

What Now?

I told you in my last post that this site won't be the place to learn all the ins and outs of the couponing/money saving world. I do want to share what I find to be the basic concepts, though.
It may seem simple, but the main idea of couponing (what it's mostly about, as I would tell my third graders) is locating store sales and matching them with store and manufacturer coupons to maximize your savings. do you find out about these sales and coupons??

Well, you can go the old fashioned route.
  • Buy a copy of the Sunday newspaper. Spend time examining store ads and looking for the best deals.
  • Clip coupons from the Sunday paper inserts. Most weeks, these will include Smart Source, Redplum, and the first week of the month, Procter & Gamble.
  • Personally match up the store ads with your clipped coupons. could make life much simpler.
  • Visit sites like Krazy Coupon Lady and Southern Savers throughout the week. - These sites provide previews of all major store ads (Target, Walmart, CVS, grocery stores, etc.) They will provide you with lists of all upcoming deals, AND they will tell you exactly which coupons you will need to save the most money!
  • Clip coupons from the Sunday paper inserts. - BUT, having used the handy websites mentioned above, the work of matching these coupons to sales has now been made 1,000 times easier!
  • Locate and print coupons from online sources. Use the Krazy Coupon Lady Coupon Database to make this super easy!
If you have never used coupons before, simply matching store sales to newspaper and printable coupons will start you on the money saving track! If this is how you begin your couponing journey, PLEASE don't get down when your grocery receipt doesn't read $0.00. Remember, shows like Extreme Couponing are extremely unrealistic. We know that food items like produce, milk, and meat are must haves that rarely have coupons. My personal goal is to save 30-50% on groceries each week. Keep in mind that each dollar saved is significant.

We'll get into ways to save big money on personal care and household items soon!

Reader Response: Do you have a favorite couponing/deal website? Please share!

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