Tuesday, September 20, 2011

CVS, Work Your Baby Magic!

New parents, listen up, this one's for you! Anyone have those great $5 checks from Similac?? Look in the boxes of formula you brought home from the hospital. They also might have shown up in your mailbox.

CVS is running a deal this week where you earn $10 EB for spending $25 (pre coupons) on select baby products. Similac Ready to Feed Formula is on sale for $5 a bottle and is included in this promo. Buy five bottles, and pay with five $5 Similac checks, and you will walk away with $10 EB, only paying sales tax. (In NC this comes out to $0.50.)

Your baby isn't a formula drinker? (Nolan isn't either) Donate the formula or give it to a friend, as I plan to do!

CVS store out of Similac? Ask for a rain check for the $5 price, as well as for the Extra Bucks promo.

Use your $10 profit on other baby items or household needs....OR....hold onto those extra bucks for another day, where you can keep the freebies rolling!

Need Similac checks? I found four more in a previously unopened gift pack from the hospital. Local ladies, they can be yours. Let me know if you're interested!  ALREADY CLAIMED!!!

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