Friday, September 16, 2011

The Best Things in Life

Some say the best things in life are free. While I certainly love me a free product, this series of posts is going to focus on the BEST free things in life...moments with my boys.

Here are some recent "Best Things."

- Cuddling on the couch with Alex and Nolan during last night's storm and having a terrified Cooper, dripping with panicky drool, sneak onto the couch and squeeze himself in-between us - true family time.

- Watching Nolan reach for Cooper's face as Cooper tried to lick him and knowing that my baby and my first baby are becoming friends.

- Realizing that I have a mover on my hands after watching Nolan scoot himself backwards across the entire length of my bedroom floor. Smiling as he cried because he couldn't figure out how he had gotten there.

- Feeding Nolan his first ever bites of rice cereal this morning and watching the absolute confusion in his eyes as the thick foreign substance entered his mouth.

The best things in life sure ARE free. :)

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