Saturday, September 10, 2011

I Get By With a Little Help

If you read my previous post, you could have guessed that my money saving journey began with a visit with my friend Google. I soon discovered that everyone and their mother has a couponing website, most of which seem to share the same information. I quickly realized that a small number of these websites are MUCH better than others. I realize the humor in this, given that I'm starting my own couponing site. :)

I came across one website in particular that helped me understand the concepts of couponing. Krazy Coupon Lady is a site that has a great section with tips specifically for beginners. It lays out how to get started and explains the ins and outs of various stores you might shop. This was my initial guide to the couponing world.

I have also come to love Southern Savers. The author of that blog is from North Carolina, and her posts focus on deals found in stores located in the south, including local grocery stores.

My blog does not venture to become a how-to coupon site or a site that will alert you to every single deal in stores or on the web (See #4 of my ground rules). Rather, I hope to focus on deals I personally find around town and give info on how you can score the same items for pennies on the dollar. So if you're considering looking into using coupons or other ways to save money, I highly recommend checking out either of these sites. This venture has much easier by using a little help from "friends!"

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