Saturday, September 24, 2011

Freebie Find: Drugstore Deals for Week of 9/25

Saturday morning: sitting with a cup of coffee, listening to the rain, catching up on celebrity gossip with my issues of People and US Weekly....scoping the best deals for the coming week.

Let's meet the The Big 3 of the drugstore world: CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid. Each store's reward system is slightly different, some more complicated than others (Walgreens, I'm looking at you).

We've already covered shopping at CVS (buy products that earn Extra Bucks, roll those Extra Bucks to buy other items for little or no money. Reread this post for a review.

Rite Aid
Rite Aid operates pretty much like CVS. Use your store card to get sale prices, look for items that earn Up Rewards, use Up Rewards to buy almost any other product in the store. I haven't shopped Rite Aid deals yet, mostly because I started at CVS and built up Extra Bucks. With only two people actually using products in our house, there really isn't a need to stock pile and go crazy buying sales at multiple stores. Rite Aid seems pretty easy to shop, though, so below you'll find this week's best deals, just in case you see something you like and want to give it a try!

Oh, Walgreens, I want to like you, I do. You seem to have good deals, but honestly, I find you to be a pain in the butt. Walgreens operates a money back program, called Register Rewards, that doesn't use a store loyalty card. There are complicated rules about how you earn these rewards and what they can be used on in the future. If you already know how to operate this system, you've likely found next week's deals on another site by now. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, sorry, today IS NOT going to be the day I get into it. Remember, it's Saturday, time for coffee and Kardashian sleaze.

So, here are next week's FREE drugstore finds (after rewards), listed by store, along with coupon match-ups.


Schick Quattro for Women - $8.99
Get $4 EBs (limit 1 per card)
$5/1 printble (no longer available - hope you printed it!)
$4/1 Schick Quattro Razor or Refill (SS 9/25) (Prince would be $1 with this Q)
Pay $3.99, get back $4 EB = $0.01 money maker

ThermaCare Lower Back and Hip Heat Wrap - $3.79
Get $3.79 EBs (limit 1 per card)
Pay $3.79, get back $3.79 EB = Free

Bausch and Lomb Re-Nu Sensitive (12 oz) - $8.99
Get $7 EBs (limit 1 per card)
$2/1 printable
Pay $6.99, get back $7 EB = $0.01 money maker

Excederin Extra Strength, PM or Migraine - $0.99
Get $0.99 EBs (limit 2 per card)
Pay $0.99, get back $0.99 EB = Free

Rite Aid

Similasan Computer Eye Drops and Dry Eye Relief - $6.99
$1.75/1 (9/11 SS insert)
$1/1 printable (price $0.01)
Pay $5.24, get back $6 Up Rewards = $0.74 money maker 

The Doctor's Nightguard or G-U-M PerioBalance - $24.99
$20 Up Reward when you buy 1 (limit 1 per card)
$5/1 printable
Pay $19.99, get $20 Up Reward = $0.01 money maker

I don't feel like typing them up. There are 8 potentially free deals. Check them out here, thanks to Couponing to Disney.

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  1. Walgreens is nice because if you can work around it, the deals can be limitless unlike CVS where it's a limit of 1 per card or whatever. You just have to be able to find the right deal to roll one RR into and then back into the same one, etc. etc. I once ended up with 40+ pkgs. of huggies at a great price rolling the RR's back and forth. It is a little trickier but I always liked a challenge!