Sunday, November 13, 2011

Stretching Your Dollar - Small Steps

I headed out this afternoon in search of a treat for Alex and myself. After arriving home, I realized that my purchases were a perfect example of stretching your dollar in a small, easy way.

At the entrance to our subdivision are two shopping options, a Rite Aid and a Circle K convenience store. My money saving started with my decision to visit Rite Aid instead of the mini mart. While prices at convenience stores tend to be the same week to week, by visiting Rite Aid, there was a possibility of finding a sale or rewards money deal.

Alex had requested a Snickers and chocolate milk. I decided that I was craving a candy bar too. None of these items were on sale at Rite Aid, and the total bill would be just over $3.00. 

Using my Rite Aid store card, though, I was able to take a $3.00 purchase and double the amount of merchandise I would receive. I noticed that Orbit Gum was on sale for $1.00 per pack. Each pack would earn a $1.00 reward. There was a limit of three packs of gum per card, which meant that if I bought three packs, I would earn $3.00 in rewards money.

I decided to do two transactions. In the first, I bought three packs of gum. My total was $3.00 + tax. I earned $3.00 in +UP Rewards money. In my second transaction, I bought both candy bars and the chocolate milk. I paid using the $3.00 reward from transaction one, which left me with about $0.25 left to pay out of pocket.

So, instead of paying $3.00 for two candy bars and a chocolate milk, I paid $3.00 for those items AND three packs of gum. This was not the most thrifty of shopping trips, but it is an example of how you can take a last minute purchase, paying full price, and stretch your dollar.

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