Thursday, November 3, 2011

Daily Deal - $25 at REI for $15

Google Offers is yet another daily deal site, similar to Groupon and Living Social. Today, they are offering $25 at REI for $15. You are able to use your voucher in store or online.

I bought one today, thinking I would use it for a gift. When I went to print the voucher, it unfortunately stated, in large print, that I had spent $15 to get the $25. This didn't have the look of something I wanted to hand over to a family member. It's great to get a deal, but I don't need to announce that I spent less money to the gift recipient. The voucher also expired sometime in April 2012.

Well, I found a way around both problems! I headed to and ordered a $25 gift card. I used my Google Offers promo code to pay, and shipping was free. I will now have an actual gift card to use for a present, and this gift card won't expire in April!

This would be a great deal to consider as a holiday or birthday present!

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