Friday, November 18, 2011

I Miss My Purple Teacher Chair

I had a major "I miss teaching" moment today.

I decided to bring Nolan to Barnes & Noble for story time this morning. As we sat waiting near the stage, with dozens of other babies, toddlers, and preschoolers, a worker shoved his way through the crowd. "The normal story time lady had a family emergency. Her son is sick, and she had to go home," he announced.

"Oh, me!!" my mind screamed. "Put ME in that chair, and hand me the book! I want to do it!"

"But don't worry," he continued. "Someone else will be here in five minutes. Hold tight."

As we were assured, story time began in five minutes, with a reader who explained that she'd only done this once before. She read in a rushed, quiet voice, doing little to capture the life of the story, its characters or pictures. I wanted grab the book from her hands, take over the reading, and show those little minds how exciting the world of a book could be.

It really isn't my purple teacher chair that I miss. It's what it represents and reminds me of. I don't miss the hard, immovable plastic, or the shocks that the chair sent through me each time I rolled across the carpet (even though I do miss the laughs it gave the kids). I miss what I did there.

I miss holding a book in my hands and reading it to a captive audience (one that doesn't stick the book in its mouth - sorry, Nolan). I miss the "Awwws!" and "NOOOOOs!" as I end a chapter, put my pink bookmark in the page, and say with a smile, knowing I have them hooked, "we'll find out what happens tomorrow." I miss bringing characters to life, delving into the content of the book and teasing out the greater meaning.

I know that before I'm ready for it to happen, Nolan will be ready for the type of story telling that was done in my purple teacher chair. For now, board books and peek a boo pages will be my new story time...and I'm going to cherish every moment of it. Slimy pages and all. :)

* If you're interested - FREE story time at Barnes and Noble South Point takes place every Friday at 10:30.


  1. We do free storytime at B&N too! A snack and craft is included. Just can't beat it :). I know what you mean. There are moments where I miss parts of teaching too. You are right, before you know it he will be glued to a book asking you a million questions! Enjoy it all. Well written and I completely appreciate where you are coming from.

  2. Allison, you are amazing!! I do believe you are finding your gift in writing. Some little part of me feels so privileged to have witnessed first hand you in that purple chair. We do miss you!

  3. Thank you both! Carol, I miss you too! It would be great to catch up sometime. Megan, your story time sounds a little better than ours. No snacks or crafts for us.