Friday, November 11, 2011

Dinner Disappointment

By shopping Harris Teeter Super Doubles, I found myself significantly under budget for groceries this week. I decided I would carry some of this money over to a Trader Joe's trip. I like to buy their organic chicken breasts and frozen salmon filets. I also picked up a few other freezer staples, like rice and easy skillet meals.

I've been trying hard to cook at home at least one night each weekend, either Friday or Saturday. I had a meal all planned out for tonight...salmon with a balsamic sauce, brown rice, and sautéed brussel sprouts. I had the salmon thawed, sauce prepped, and brussel sprouts cleaned and cut...when dinner disaster struck.

I took the salmon out of the package for cooking, to find that it was mush. The middle of each filet no longer resembled fish, but was rather a soft, pink goo. Disgusting.

The fish went into the trash, and my dinner plan was out the door. By the time I got done cleaning up wasted dinner #1, it was time to put Nolan to bed. Far too late to start a new dinner. We ended up eating McDonalds. Disgusting x 2.

Maybe this was a way of telling me that I should have held onto my grocery savings. :)

Reader Response: What do you do when dinner disaster strikes? Any quick and easy ideas or thrifty fixes in case a meal flops?

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