Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Stretch Your Dollar When Paying Full Price

There are times when paying anything other than full price just doesn't seem to be an option - those products that never have coupons or are always excluded from store sales. When faced with buying such a product, though, there are often options to help you get what you need AND stretch your dollar to get little extra at the same time.

Let me explain.

For the past few months, Nolan's toys have slowly taken over our house. Our ounce orderly home is now littered with stacking cups, rattles, teething toys, and every kind of kid seat imaginable. We have a toy basket in his bedroom, but didn't think ahead to buy one to keep downstairs. I searched around town, including discount store like Home Goods, hoping to find a good deal on a basket that would blend in with our living room decor. What I came to realize, is that the type of basket I was looking for doesn't really go on sale, and if I wanted one, I was just going to have to suck it up at pay full price.

I found a basket I liked at World Market for $19.99.  I know, really not that expensive, but I also found a way to stretch this $20 purchase to include olive oil and sriracha sauce (both had been on next week's grocery list), as well as two picture frames. I did this by using a coupon I found in a mailer that went out last week, good for $10 off a $30 World Market purchase, making a $30 purchase $20. This meant that for the price of my basket, I could add $10 of additional merchandise without increasing my out of pocket expense. This is often the case, that particular items will not go on sale or have a coupon, but that the store will offer a dollar or percent off purchase coupon, typically stating a minimum purchase amount.

The Clinique deal I mentioned earlier today is a similar example. I am almost out of foundation. I've tried other brands, but always come back to Clinique, a brand which doesn't go on sale and is usually excluded from percent off purchase coupons at department stores. Buying it it at full price is pretty much inevitable for me, but I was able to combine my purchase with a Bonus Days promotion to receive a $75 gift, which includes more Clinique cosmetics. I was also able to earn a $10 Target card by making my purchase online through Ebates. I took a full price purchase and grew my dollar, getting much more for my money.

So when faced with paying full price, seek out ways to stretch your money. When possible, combine your purchases with dollar or percent off store purchase coupons, look for bonus gifts with purchase, or use promotions, like rewards dollars (ex. - spend $50, receive $25 in rewards for future purchase). There are ways to make that dollar go a little farther!

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