Friday, November 25, 2011

CVS Thanksgiving Freebies - How To


I know that some of you might not have Extra Bucks built up to begin your freebie Thanksgiving shopping at CVS. This is a little tutorial on how to roll extra bucks rewards to score some free products (see ad pics above, click to enlarge) and spend very little out of pocket. For this post, we'll begin with no Extra Bucks in hand, and as a challenge for myself, find a way to get as many products as possible for just $5.00 out of pocket (pre-tax), without using any coupons (which means anyone could do it).

Here we go.

For starters, you will need to be ready to do multiple transactions. The cashiers at CVS are used to this and won't give you a hard time.

Transaction 1: I'm starting by buying items that will add up to exactly $5.00, my target out of pocket expense.
Buy 2 Mars candy bars ($0.75 each), 1 Soft Lips ($2.00), and 1 Kleexex Cool Touch 50 ct. ($1.50)
Pay $5.00 OOP
Earn $5.00 Extra Bucks (will print on bottom of your receipt)

Transaction 2: I'm looking for items that will add up to as close to $5.00 as possible. That way I can pay with my $5.00 Extra Bucks and not pay more out of pocket. Being under $5.00 will be fine. I will just lose a few cents from my reward, as the register will adjust it down.

Buy 1 Cepocol Throat Lozenges ($4.99)
Total = $4.99
Pay with $5.00 Extra Bucks from Transaction 1 (hand your receipt to the clerk), just pay sales tax
Earn $4.99 Extra Bucks

Transaction 3: Since I have $4.99 in Extra Bucks, I will look for items that total close to $4.99. 

Buy 2 Hershey's King Size ($0.99 each), 1 Carmex ($1.00), and 1 CVS Dental Flossers ($1.99)
Total = $4.97
Pay with $4.99 Extra Bucks from Transaction 2 , just pay sales tax
Earn $4.97 Extra Bucks

Transaction 4: I am looking for items that will cost close to $4.97.
Buy 1 Finish Quantum or 1 Pepto-Bismol or 1 Listerine Pocketpaks ($2.99) and 1 Theraflu 8 ct. ($1.87)
Total = $4.86
Pay with $4.97 Extra Bucks from transaction 3, just pay sales tax
Earn $4.86 Extra Bucks

I've decided that there are no more items that I want. I stop my transactions and take home $4.86 in Extra Buck, paying just $5.00 + tax for all of my items.

I could have continued on with transactions, but at this point, I think you get the picture. The idea is to purchase items with a total close to the amount of extra bucks you have in hand. That way, the extra bucks serve as your payment, and you pay very little out of pocket.

When you walk into CVS, I suggest having a written or typed list, breaking down your transactions. After every item is in your cart, separate the items by transaction. As you place the items for a transaction on the check out counter, double check your list to make sure they match.

After a little practice, it's really quite easy to roll extra bucks. I'm happy to help and answer questions, so feel free to leave them in the comments area. I check them often! :)

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