Monday, December 5, 2011

Meal Plan Monday - Seeking Crock Pot Recipes!

This should be a "Meal Plan Monday," but it's Monday evening at 5:30, and no plan has been made. The hubs has been working ridiculous hours for the past few weeks, and it's making mealtime pretty tricky. I'm lacking motivation to come up with meals when I'm not sure if/when he'll be able to eat.

I bought a rotisserie chicken for last night's dinner, and it looks like the leftovers will be used in some form tonight - maybe fajitas.

I think I need to search the internet for crockpot recipes. These seem like they'd be a perfect solution to our dinner time uncertainty. I have a few go to favorites, but would love some more.

Do you have a favorite crock pot recipe to share??? Post a comment to share a recipe or link!


  1. We love kidney beans, canned tomatos, chicken breast and McCormick chili seasoning. We put frozen chicken in and by the end of the day it is falling apart. So easy and you can't mess it up. I swear.

  2. Thanks, I'll have to try that out soon!