Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Free Burgers for the Feixes (and any other James)

If we could get the first born Feix males together today, we could get away like bandits at Red Robin, where they are offering FREE Jim Beam Burgers to anyone with the name James (or any variation).  My babe, Nolan, is really James Nolan, after his daddy, Alex, really James Alexander, his grandpa, Jim, his great grandpa, Jimmy, and his great-great grandpa, James. That's a whole lot of Jameses!

Who knows, if Alex (James) gets off of work early enough, we might just check this out. Maybe they would let the momma of our second James eat a free burger for her baby. :)

In the Durham area, you will find Red Robins off of 15-501 and in Brier Creek.

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