Friday, December 23, 2011

Last Minute Christmas Gifts

With less than 36 hours until Christmas day, time is running out to finish your holiday shopping. While you could battle for a parking spot at the mall, or head to Toys R Us at 2:00 am (yes, apparently open 24 hours a day until Christmas), there are a few easier options to be found. Each of the gift ideas below can be purchased from home and ready for giving in just minutes. 
  • Amazon Gift Cards - These are perfect because the recipient can use them on just about anything they have on their wish list. Amazon allows you to buy online and print a card from home. I did this last week when I forgot a gift for someone on my list. The gift card was purchased and ready for wrapping in less than two minutes. There is also an option for e-mail delivery.
  • Starbucks e-cards - These can be delivered to a recipients e-mail, Facebook account, or printed by you for wrapping. 
  • Netflix - I have given Netflix subscriptions as gifts a number of times. Simply choose the number of months you'd like to gift (~ $8 per month) and print a certificate for wrapping. As with other e-cards, you have the option of e-mailing the gift.
  • $20 to Old Navy from Groupon - For $10, you can purchase a $20 voucher to Old Navy. This voucher can be given as a gift and printed from home. One condition to be aware of, though - the vouhcer expires on 1/28/12, so make sure the recipient knows there's a time limit!
  • Groupon, Living Social, or Plum District Deals or Credits - Browse through other national and local deals on these daily deal websites, or simply buy a gift card which can be used by the recipient to buy a future deal. All deals can be e-mailed or printed from home.
  • Free Magazine Subscriptions - Create a Recyclebank account, earn points by completing easy tasks, like viewing videos and taking quizzes, and redeem your points for magazine subscriptions, like Good Housekeeping and Better Homes and Gardens. Most subscriptions cost 115 points, which you can easily earn in just minutes. When giving the gift, I suggest typing a note that shows an image of the magazine, along with a note explaining that the subscription will be arriving shortly. 
Reader Response: Can you think of other last minute gift ideas that can be purchased from home?

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