Friday, January 13, 2012

Shopping Trip Successes

How did your shopping go this week? Did you score some freebies at Harris Teeter during the last few days of Super Doubles? Did you find some great deals at the drug stores?

I had a pretty good week shopping at Harris Teeter and Kroger. On my last Super Doubles trip, I spent $14.41 on $66 worth of groceries, an 80% savings. I also made a trip on Thursday to shop the new sales,  spending $6.65 on $51 worth of products, an 87% savings. And...I made a small trip to Kroger, spending $1.85 on over $10 worth of goods. I spent a total of $22.91 on groceries this week...WAY under budget! :)

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I look forward to reading about and seeing your success stories!


  1. Wow Harris Teeter is awesome for Super Doubles. Thanks for sharing your savings at Pounds4Pennies this week.

  2. Thank you all for stopping by and linking up!!