Thursday, January 19, 2012

Harris Teeter Shopping Trip - Week of 1/15

I know that I said that I wouldn't be posting again until after vacation, but I found this post, written and ready to go, just unpublished, so here's one for the road.

With vacation around the corner, I didn't want to do pick up a lot of groceries this week. I bought a few things we needed for lunches to get us through the week, and I was able to stock up on inexpensive granola bars and Lean Cuisines (backup lunches for Alex). And yes, that is ANOTHER box of Mac & Cheese. My discriminating palate didn't care for the spiral variety, though, so this time around, I managed to avoid downing the entire box.

I spent $39 and saved $49, a 56% savings - not my best week - BUT - the trip did have one big positive. While checking out, the cashier told me about a pharmacy promo, where new or transferred prescriptions earn $20 grocery coupons. You also earn a $20 coupon each time the prescription is refilled between now and April 3rd. I transferred a prescription yesterday, and the $20 was immediately loaded to my store card. Easy money for something I had to pay for anyway. :)

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  1. Great job! Those pharmacy promos are great! This is my week off (I shop bi-weekly) so I will be sure to come back on my next trip to link up :) Hope you have a great vacation!

  2. Great savings this week. I love to save more than I spend. Thanks for sharing at Pounds4Pennies this week.