Thursday, January 12, 2012

Harris Teeter Trip - 1/12/12 (plus a little retail rambling)

Nolan and I escaped the house this morning for a little retail therapy. I've been feeling really blah about my wardrobe lately. After losing the baby weight, nothing seems to fit quite right. My old problem spots are no longer issues, but new ones have taken their places. I decided it was time to stop complaining about it to Alex and actually do something about it.

We stopped at Old Navy, where they had a lot of cute new items and some great clearance prices. I picked up two shirts - neither of which looks like an "Allison" shirt, by which I mean, neither one is a solid color. Yes, I went with patterns, not just stripes (which is normally adventurous for me), patterns! If you know me well, you know this is a WOW moment! For spending $30, I also earned $10 in Old Navy Cash, which gives me $10 off a future minimum $20 purchase.

After Old Navy success, we hopped across the street to the mall, and as we were walking into the fitting room at LOFT, we bumped into (literally) a good friend, who was coming out. She helped me pick out another shirt and a pair of jeans, and we decided to have lunch at Parnera. Yay for unexpected meetings and catching up! By the way, LOFT is offering 40% off all full price items and 50% off all sale items!

Now, to the point of this post - we made a trip to Harris Teeter on our way home. I wanted to check out the Meal Deal and other freebie items. I was a little hesitant to buy the Perdue Chicken. The Harris Teeter I was shopping didn't carry the unbreaded version, and I tend not to eat breaded chicken. When I do, I make it myself instead of buying it pre-breaded, but I'd read good reviews, and the price was right to try it out, so, with that decision made, I picked up the items pictured for just $6.65 + tax. If you take out the price of the milk, $2.97, I spent just $3.68 on everything else. If you're interested in making some of the same purchases, you can find coupon matchups in here.

I bought (prices after card and coupons):

1 Centrum Pro Nutrients Supplement (NOTE - the price is lower than is marked on the shelf) = $0.97 Money Maker ($0.97 applied to other items purchased)
1 Colgate Toothpaste = FREE
1 Colgate Toothbrush = FREE
1 Coffee-mate Creamer = $0.07
1 Kleenex Cool Touch = $0.29
1 Black Beans (realized I needed them for chili tonight - oops) = $0.79
1 Smart Balance Peanut Butter = $1.00
1 Gallon Milk = $2.79
1 Meal Deal including:
 Perdue Simply Smart Chicken, Alexia Rolls, Birdseye Veggies, and 2 L Coke = $3.99
- $1 off your next purchase Catalina from buying Kikkoman products

Total after card and coupons = $6.65 + tax

I spent $6.65 on $51 worth of products, an 87 % savings.

Reader Response: Have you scored any good grocery deals this week?

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