Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Couponing Basics Part 7: Stacking Coupons

If you've been using your coupons for a while now, you might be starting to feel pretty comfortable. It could be time to take another money saving step and stack some coupons!

But....what exactly does that mean? 

Well, you already know that stores allow one manufacturer coupon per item. Some retailers, though, also offer their own store coupons, which can be stacked, or combined, with a manufacturer coupon to equal extra savings. At these stores, like Target, you are allowed to combine one manufacturer coupon with one store coupon.

Store coupons come in different forms. At times, you'll find them in paper form in store ads or flyers. You'll also see online printables, e-coupons, which link to your store card, as well as mobile coupons, which are redeemed using a barcode on a smart phone.

When you look for deal matchups on this and other coupon websites, you'll be made aware of any deals that involve coupon stacking. If you want to start looking for stacking opportunities on your own, though, begin by looking through your coupons and then browsing store coupons for matches. 

Target and Harris Teeter would be great places to begin. 

Visit the Target coupon page to look through and print coupons. As I browsed the Target coupons, I noticed many potential stacking opportunities. For example, there was a Target coupon for $5 off a Brita water pitcher. There was a manufacturer coupon for $4 off the same product in this week's Sunday paper. By using both coupons, you can deduct $9 from the price of the Brita!

Coupon stacking is also easy to do at Harris Teeter grocery stores. Look for electronic store coupons by logging into the Harris Teeter website. Visit the e-vic coupons link and load coupons to your store card. Right now, there are a number of opportunities to stack coupons to score great deals. For example, right now, Fiber One bars are on sale for $2.50. You can stack this printable manufacturer for $0.50 off (which will double to take off $1.00), with an e-vic store coupon for an additional $0.40 off. Using both coupons, the register will deduct $1.40 from the price, making the cost of the bars $1.10.

Though it takes just a bit more effort to stack coupons, the pay out can be well worth it! Happy stacking!

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