Friday, March 9, 2012

Weekly Savings + Success Stories

It was a slightly over budget week for me, with trips to both Harris Teeter and Aldi.

After last week's shopping fiasco, I set my mind on making just one shopping stop on Monday. I would do the bulk of my grocery shopping at Harris Teeter, even though I knew I could could score a few items for less by shopping at more than one store. With a content baby strapped into one of those massive green race car carts, I felt like I was steering an 18 wheeler through the store. But hey, if driving a big rig is what it takes to grocery shop in peace...

I spent $50 on this trip and saved about $20. Coming home it sure didn't seem like a lot of food for the money. Something that I found crazy - the raisins were my most expensive purchase - almost $5.00 for a box of golden raisins. I don't have a whole lot of raisin buying experience, but this floored me! I almost scrapped the recipe they were part of, but with the other ingredients already in the cart, I tuned out the scolding from my frugal mind and "trucked" on. 

I also made a trip to Aldi later in the week after the sale ad had changed. I spent about $18 on meat and a boat load of produce.

I bought:
4 lbs Pork Chops - ~ $9
5 lb bag of grapefruit - $1.19
4 lb bag of oranges - $1.39
strawberries - $0.99
Broccoli - $1.99
Mushrooms - $1.29
Blueberries - $1.49

How did your shopping trips go this week? 

Did you find some great deals at the grocery stores or drugstores? Leave a comment below or share a link to your blog post or website!


  1. Great job! It is hard for me to tune that "frugal nagging" off, but I know my family is eating better and when I see the great products I buy it makes it easier :) Keep up the great work and thanks for linking up at My Road to Savings!

  2. I hate standing in the store and deciding to put something back because it is too expensive. The frugal mind is a tough thing to overcome. My mother in law says that she coupons so that she can get the stuff that is expensive (but I know that she puts stuff back too). Gotta think of all the money you saved on the other stuff!!

  3. It's a hard voice to tune out, isn't it?? :)