Monday, March 26, 2012

Back at It - Harris Teeter Triple Coupons 3/26

The babe and I are back from Wisconsin (more on that later), just in time to catch the tail end of Triple Coupons at Harris Teeter.

When you coupon shop at the end of a big sale event, it's expected that some of the "big ticket" items will be out of stock. This was definitely true this morning, but all things considered, I'm really happy with my haul. I purchased $50 worth of groceries for less than $7, an 86% savings. Keep in mind, this is NOT my main grocery shopping trip for the week. I'll be heading out to another store, probably Aldi, to stock up on milk and produce.

Because I was "vacationing" last week, I didn't post coupon matchups for this sale, but if you're interested in shopping before it ends tomorrow evening, check out Homemaking Mom, where you will find a list of all the freebies and inexpensive items. Remember, you can triple a maximum of 20 coupons each day, and you may only use two of the same internet printable coupon.

N's first birthday is coming up on April 22nd (YIKES!). I'm trying to think ahead to his is birthday party. I bought all of these party food items for less than $4.00 - total! 

I purchased (prices after store card and coupons):

1 Arnold Bread - $2.14
1 Colgate Baby Toothpaste - $1.50
1 Minute Maid OJ - $1.44
1 Wholly Guacamole - $1.29
2 Betty Crocker Cake Mixes and 2 Frostings - $1.28 for all four

2 Krunchers Chips - $0.50 for two

2 Coffee Mate Creamers - $0.40 for two
1 Yoplait Greek Yogurt 4 Pack - $0.25
1 2 L Diet Pepsi - $0.14
2 Yoplait Greek Yogurts - $0.08 for two
1 Nasoya Tofu - FREE
1 McCormick Oregano - FREE
1 McCormick Paprika - FREE + $0.50 Overage (using e-vic coupons - applied to other items)
1 Fiber One Cereal - FREE + $0.75 Overage (using e-vic coupons - applied to other items)

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