Friday, March 2, 2012

Weekly Savings + Success Stories

You might have read, a few days back, that my grocery shopping companion decided that he wanted nothing, and he meant NOTHING, to do with our Monday morning grocery shopping...and he was ready to kick and scream so that everyone in the store would know.  Maybe he was finally rebelling after ten months of CVS runs and grocery store coupon trips. He'd had enough and was ready to protest. Too bad his objection couldn't come out something like, "No more, Momma!" rather than in the form of ear drum shattering screeches.

In my stressed out stupor, I managed, between Aldi and Harris Teeter, to buy $38 worth of groceries. Problem is...I didn't actually get the groceries I had set out to buy. Fail.

I normally avoid grocery shop late in the week, but this week, it just needed to happen. I hit up both Aldi and Harris Teeter...again...where new sale ads had started since my last trips. And thank goodness, my couponing buddy remembered how much fun it is to grocery shop, leaving Momma's sanity intact.

I got home to find a dead camera battery, though, so today's purchases are picture-less.

Aldi - LOTS of produce - $13.86 OOP
2 bags spinach - $0.69 each
1 lb broccoli - $0.99
1 head cauliflower - $0.89
1 avocado - $0.89
strawberries - $1.39
8 roma tomatoes - $1.49
1 gallon skim milk - $3.35
1 bag pita chips - $1.99
1 tub of spreadable cream cheese $1.49

Harris Teeter - $2.48 OOP
1 3 lb bag apples - $1.99 (BOGO, rings up half price)
1 Oscar Mayer Bacon - $0.49 (used $3.00 e-vic coupon)

How did your shopping trips go this week? 

Did you find some great deals at the grocery stores or drugstores? Or were you like me, and had an "off" week? Leave a comment below or share a link to your blog post or website!

And...on a totally different note...

Be sure to check out the new RECIPES tab at the top of the page. I've linked the recipes I've been sharing in blog posts, which will hopefully make for easier viewing.  Bon Appetit, y'all!


  1. Thank you all for linking up! I hope you'll stop by again!

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