Saturday, April 14, 2012

Oh Where, Oh Where is this Little Blog Going?

After a few days with no blog posts, some of you might have thought that I'd abandoned ship. I've "threatened" to do that a number of times - skip the deal finding and leave the blog behind.

I haven't done that...yet...but there are some reasons behind the mini blog hiatus.

1. The Weather - It's been gorgeous outside. Warm air and that cloudless Carolina blue sky. I just don't feel like sitting in front of a computer when there is so much else I could be out doing.

2. The Boy - Nolan has been walking for a few months now, and there's just no slowing him down. Gone are the days of firing off a blog post while N plays. Just not going to happen. And, with the combo of N walking and the nice weather, there are so many new things to get out to do. A trip to the park, playtime in the backyard, a walk to the pond. Though the boy sure does love his technology, I'd rather find activities for us that don't involve Apple products.

3. A Spending Spree - As a (sometimes) deal finding blog, you would think I'd be ashamed of this one, but frankly, I'm not. I've been on a bit of a spending bender, which started with Easter basket shopping. With Easter, my birthday, and Nolan's birthday all in the month of April, I've been tuning out my frugal mind and buying what I feel like buying. A pair of Baby Tom's for Nolan? Why the heck not??? Keep the Hunter boots the hubs bought me and actually upgrade for a more expensive pair? Absolutely! Stop at Trader Joe's for a "few" things? Sure, it's on the way home.

Being spend happy again has been a bit of a rush, but like a kid on a sugar high, I might come crashing down when I take a look at this month's budget spread sheet. At least the boy and I will have some stylin' feet!

So, long story short - I really haven't been up for deal blogging lately. I apologize to those of you who follow solely for the deals. I'm sure the sporadic food and kid posts I have been doing aren't cutting it for you.

I'll leave it with this; I'm not really sure where I'll be taking this blog, but I'd be happy if you decide to stick with me for the ride!

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