Thursday, October 27, 2011

*We're Not Having Hot Mush Today

My little man is venturing into the world of "solid" foods. (It hardly seems appropriate, though, to call his meals of pureed mush solid.)

After about a month of trying out wall paper paste...I mean rice cereal...he's ready to move on to bigger and better foods.

Honestly, I feel a bit lost with this new food venture. I get the general idea - introduce a new food every 3-4 days, start with single foods, not combo. BUT, I'd love some advice from experienced parents. Nolan is 6 months old. At that age, how many times a day did you feed your baby solids?? Did you have a good experience beginning with certain foods vs. others? Internet advice seems all over the place, and my doctor actually told me to throw away the info sheet his practice gave me, claiming it was garbage.

Now, here are a few questions that make this post a bit more appropriate for my deal seeking blog. I'm weighing the pros and cons of making my own baby food. I've only been at this a for about a week, but so far, I've been making my own food, using my trusty food processor. I've pureed and frozen sweet potatoes and mango. Today, I'll be giving carrots and green beans a try. As with my own food, I really like knowing what has gone into it. I also like being able to control the consistency and texture. For now, I have the time to make Nolan's food, and it seems to be a bit cheaper than buying jars.

I'm curious, though, if anyone has looked into this more thoroughly. Does anyone know if making your own baby food is actually a better deal than buying it? Do you feel that the time and effort put into making the food is worth it?


*Name the movie!

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