Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Stack 'em Up!

Today was a coupon stacking extravaganza for me and my shopping buddy, Nolan. What exactly does that mean? Well, the quick and easy of it is that I used manufacturer coupons AND store coupons to equal BIG savings.

Coupon stacking can be done at stores that offer their own in store coupons. You will find store coupons for places like Target, Rite Aid, and Walgreens. These coupons, some found in newspaper inserts and others online, are only redeemable at the stated store. The great thing about these store coupons, is that you are able to use one store coupon PLUS one manufacturer coupon on the same item.

Here's a look at my coupon stacking transactions...

Rite Aid:

Someone in our house fills a prescription that is in the same family as Prevacid, which is on sale this week for $21.99, down from $30. I found a $4 manufacturer coupon online, which would bring the price to $17.99. Rite Aid was also offering a $4 store coupon, through their ad perks videos. Visit the ad perk site, where you can watch brief advertisements and print coupons as a reward for your time. These two coupons brought the price of the Prevacid down to $13.99!

BUT...things get better! I will be able to submit a mail in rebate for a full refund, AND I earned $10 in +UP Rewards (Rite Aid currency) for purchasing over $20 of Prevacid. I can use this UP Reward on any future purchase of $10 or more.

After my rebate, I will have made $10 and have a one month supply of a needed prescription!

Prevacid 28 ct. - on sale for $21.99
- $4 manufacturer coupon = $17.99
- $4 Rite Aid ad perk coupon = $13.99
submit for mail in rebate (good for purchase price minus $4 coupon)  = FREE
+ earn $10 +UP Reward

TOTAL = + $10 (after rebate and UP reward)


After buying the Sunday paper, I had a great CoverGirl coupon in hand. It was for $8 off two CG face products, which would include anything meant for your skin, not eyes or lips. I also had an Ulta coupon for $5 off a purchase of $10 or more. This coupon was courtesy of my fantastic sister in law, but you can find Ulta coupons online or in your mailbox by signing up here.

By stacking these two coupons, I would be able to get $13 worth of free makeup. Here's what I did.

CG Loose Powder - $5.89
CG Bronzer - $3.99
Rimmel London Eye Liner - $3.19
total before coupons = $13.07

- $5 off $10 purchase Ulta store coupon
- $8/2 CG manufacturer coupon

TOTAL = $0.07 for three products 
(I didn't pay any sales tax...because the subtotal was so low??? Not really sure.)

So...after store cards, coupon stacking, and rebates, I will have saved nearly $45 today AND earned $10 in store rewards...not too shabby for a Tuesday. :)

Here's a bonus look at my shopping buddy - just because I think he's awfully cute!

Reader Response: Have you scored any great deals by stacking coupons? Which store did you shop?

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